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Pro Air was a United States airline founded by Kevin Stamper in July 1997 to serve the centrally located Detroit City Airport in Detroit, Michigan. Its headquarters were in the Lower Queen Anne area of Seattle, Washington.

ABC News reported, "The struggling 3-year-old airline failed to perform scheduled engine maintenance, failed to repair dents and did not address other safety concerns, the FAA said. “Continuing maintenance, oversight, quality control and record-keeping problems resulted in widespread failures to comply with applicable federal aviation regulations,” the FAA said in a news release. The airline “lacks the qualifications required of the holder of an air carrier certificate.”


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Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management not organized.If they dont like you they will get rid of door policy sucks nothing is confidential between management and employee.They dont appreciate their employees your just another head..I dont recommend working there.They exspect more out of their employess then what they pay.Dont have their act together at all.."

A/C Installer (Former Employee) says

"Pay is ok, work is moderately challenging, management is horrendous. some of the co-workers were ok..some were bottom of the barrel workers. Cons: head bosses are a holes."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"The company stressed me out most of the time and the boss always yells. I also feared being fired almost everyday I stepped foot on the jobsite. I even though I like doing the job, the money wasn't worth the stress."

HVAC Installer (Former Employee) says

"Never know when you’re going to work, awful. Always changing location. Poor management, not paid fairly for work done. Make you drive personal vehicle to far jobs. No gas compensation"

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I refuse to right this review because I still care about the owner of this company and I’m still angry about the situation and it won’t let me skip this part."

Associate Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Bad organization, this seems to be a reoccurring theme between every department of the company. Poor communication between key departments and individualizes. Too many casual conversations that dictate professional events, not documenting these create issues with overall customer satisfaction. Cons: Not enough bathrooms on site!!!"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Pro Air manufactures after-market air conditioning units for heavy equipment and RV use. Work groups would be split into several groups focusing on there own particular job. Supervisors worked well to keep production up, and ensure little down time. Cons: Could use more pay"

Agente Aeroportuário (Former Employee) says

"Apesar de corrido o tempo passa rápido, conhecemos varias pessoas todos os dias e por isso aprendemos a lidar com todas elas, trabalhar em equipe, tendo que saber lidar com diferenças, ter auto controle para resolver qualquer situação. Cons: nada a declarar"

Le1982 says

"Ordered a pillow based off of the advertisement on TV. Received an email saying they couldn't fulfill the pillow on TV but had one EXACTLY like it. Get it out of here. Tried to cancel, sent numerous emails - no response. They have no problem taking your money shipping you something different and taking off $5. Terrible business. If someone would monitor/answer their email, that sure would be helpful. We were looking forward to trying the pillow and now we are just trying to get our money back after the false advertisement and shipping another product."

VICKI says

"You changed the filling! I hate it! I've bought 5 pillows and I love my side sleeper. But this one is awful. Very disappointed. Bought one for a friend as I had bragged on it! She hates it, too! Bring back the old filling!"

KZ says

"The chemical smell emanating from the pillows is so strong that I cannot use the pillows. upon receiving the first set of pillows, I called customer service and they kindly sent replacement pillows which I received. I was so excited to receive the new pillows but immediately noticed the strong chemical smell again! I have had the pillows for several weeks now, and they still smell so badly that I cannot use them unfortunately. I have hung them on the clothes line to air out; put them in dryer with "air only"; and have sprayed fabreeze on them with NO LUCK. so, they are in a closet hanging while I pray the smell dissipates however I am not holding my pun intended. UNUSEABLE."


"Complete waste of my money. Didn't help my back at all, just awful. It went flat after one night"

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